Ice Cream Kitty





Mutant Ice Cream Cat


Ninja Turtles


Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello,and Master Splinter,Miwa (Owners to Her)

Voiced by

Kevin Eastman


The Kraang, Pizza Minions,The Rat King, Giant Rats, Mom-Thing,Bigfoot

Ice Cream Kitty is a mutant ice cream cat. She debuted in Of Rats and Men. When April and Casey found a stray cat, Mikey took care of it, but after it ate some of Mikey's spilled ice cream that was mixed with mutagen. Ever since then it's lived in the freezer in the Kitchen Lair, then in the freezer in the O' Neil Farmhouse.


Originally just a normal feline, when the cat consumed mutagen-tainted ice cream, it turned into an amorphous ice cream monster.


Her body is composed of Neapolitan Ice Cream, with the head being strawberry, the torso made of vanilla and the waist and lower body made of chocolate with short stubby arms made of chocolate and vanilla. Her tail is made out of vanilla and chocolate also.


Once a stray starving street cat until April found her and take her back to the Sewer Lair. April left Mikey in charge of her cat, but she ate some ice cream infested with Mutagen Ooze, and became Mikey's new pet cat!


As a normal stray street cat, this cat was a hunter of rodents but loving young kitty. Also being normal stray cat have the regular abilities of cat but when mutated, she now developed new mutant powers! Apparently, Ice Cream Kitty has claws that were strong enough to attack the Rat King and his giant rat to save his owner, Mikey. She is shown to be strong enough to punch the freezer door open to crush a Kraang about to corner Mikey. She also shown her strength was enough to hold her freezer by getting pulled by Mikey. Even being in an ice cream body, she still manages to leap and run at fast speed. Ice Cream Kitty seemed to know that Mom-Thing was really suspicious to her, so maybe the Mutagen Ooze that mutated her gave her mind powers or possible, like most animals, can sense that predators are in the area. Also, she seemed to know that Raphael needed an ice-pack for Casey's head, so the freezer may bop not be that soundproof, where Kitty can eavesdrop or her senses have been enhance as well. Kitty is shown to be a much more intelligent than most cats and even though she isn't able to speak english at all only speak by cat language but she shows she has great communication skills that she can give right objects for her owners need in the freezer.

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Cat from "Panic in the Sewers".

  • She became Mikey's new pet.
  • It's possible that she is the same cat from the very beginning of the series, such as when April is about to fall off the roof of Shredder's lair in Panic in the Sewers.
    • They had the same coat, same rumpled whiskers & slightly torn ears and even share the same trademark bald areas like on their backs.
    • In addition, although the stray cat in said episode doesn't seem to have the scar above the right eye, it does in Mutagen Man Unleashed when acidic blood shoots out of Timothy's severed acid hand.
    • Then again, the stray reappeared in The Manhattan Project despite Ice Cream Kitty's debut in the previous episode so that's probably just the model they use for every stray cat.
  • She is one of the few mutants who's mutation was seen onscreen.
  • She returned in the beginning of Mazes & Mutants giving Splinter a cheese-sickle from the freezer.
  • Just Like Klunk from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, Michelangelo has a pet cat.
  • She made a cameo appearance in Newtralized! handing over an ice pack to Raphael for Casey.
  • She is voiced by Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • She's the 2nd pet to get mutated other than Slash only she didn't turn evil.
  • She has a personality change after mutating.
  • According to Kevin Eastman Ice Cream Kitty is meant to be the 2012 TV series version of Klunk.
  • She's confirmed to be an action figure this Summer.
  • In The Croaking she is playing with Mikey and gets thrown in the freezer by Raph due to her also making a mess with him
  • In The Invasion, she helped knock out a Kraangdroid by knocking the freezer door into the Kraang's face. Her and Mikey celebrated by giving a High-three to each other.
  • In Battle for New York It revealed Donnie had a pair of black goggles for her size.


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